Walk away with highly functional and doable strategies and tools to implement Happiness at your workplace. Know the Why’s, What’s and How’s of Workplace Happiness with Experts.

The Workshop will equip you with all the learnings and tools you need to become a Happiness Consultant yourself. Build a culture of Happiness at your Workplace or consult other organisations to create Happy Workplaces.

Find out how the happy employees will impact your business. Find out what successful organisation are doing. You’ll be surprised to know that contrary to the general opinion, you don’t need deep pockets to bring in workplace in your organisation
The science behind making your employees happy is entirely different from the science required to manage their stress and anxiety.. We teach you, what exactly happens behind the scenes, and then you may realise, why you didn’t know this’ till Today. What seems difficult today, will start looking easy and possible.
you will be able to build your own Happiness strategy that’s aligned with the dynamics of your organisation. you will go on to derive the ingredients required to keep your workplace happy. Before you launch any strategy or policy you will need to ensure the right mix of these ingredients, and your employees will be happy
learn our five step proven formula and create successful strategies customised to your demography and dynamics.
you will experience an increase in your personal happiness index. We empower you to structure your own efforts in the direction that makes you a happier person.
you will become a part of a growing Happiness Community, the community, which works on the bigger purpose of creating happier workplaces. HR and business leaders from different domains decided to become part of the community to contribute to a larger cause of spreading happiness across as many organisations as possible. It’s a great platform to discuss and deliberate new ideas, challenges and solutions to Workplace Happiness
Surge your career by becoming a Happiness Consultant yourself, spread Happiness to many organisations.

Empowering businesses to help their
employees live healthier,
happier lives!