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Learning Minds

Moving Towards Happiness

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Moving towards Happiness!

Yes, we can teach employees to be Happy and this should be your first step!

We recommend, as soon as employee joins the organisation, he should be exposed with this learning. This will help organisation to align him into the new culture of happiness.

This are primary reasons, why we suggest this learning program for your employees.

  • 1. Because “The skills of becoming happy turn out to be almost entirely different from the skills of not being sad, not being anxious, or not being angry.” As told by Martin Seligman.
    2. Because we never thought about happiness in our school. The ‘H’ in University stands for Happiness.
    3. Because we learned to Sacrifice happiness for money.
    4. Because the degree of happiness for each employee varies. For example, for the same promotion, two employees might react totally different.

We help organisations to educate the employees about Happiness in following ways

A) Conducting our flagship Happiness two days happiness onsite program.

This program is recommended for Senior employees. This will help them in following ways

  • 1. The power of Happy Workplace.
    2. The science behind the Happiness @ workplace.
    3. Framework to create your own strategies. You will be able to create a strategy customised to your company dynamics.
    4. Step by step roadmap for launching the policies
    5. Increase your personal happiness index.
    6. Become part of Community of likeminded leaders who are determined to create a happy workplace.
    7. Become Happiness ambassador to their employees.

B) Conducting four – 3 hours online webinar for all employees

C) Online course

  • a. Complete online Video course on Happiness
  • b. Complete 365 days daily messages
  • c. Complete 365 days daily blog course
  • d. Many other videos curated from online, which helps in enhancing happiness
  • e. Option to curate more such videos by HR.
  • f. Complete support for resolving queries.

D) Conducting Seeds of Happiness onsite programs.

Our experts will help our clients in conducting many onsite programs such as

  • a. Conducing FIRO test
  • b. Conducting MBTI personality test
  • c. Conducting our exclusive onsite program on Mindfulness
  • d. Minimalism
  • e. Mind Mapping
  • f. Nutrition.

Empowering businesses to help their
employees live healthier,
happier lives!