We are a passionate team working to bring Happiness
and Well-being to more and more Workplaces, Working
at improving worklife everyday!

Ethika Worklife is made up of people who are Happiness evangelists coming from Consulting, people management, technology. design, and research backgrounds, all dedicated to helping employers enhance their workplace Happiness.

Meet Our Experts Team​

Sameena Kauser


Sameena is a Happiness evangelist and a certified Happiness Coach from the University of Berkerly, California. She studied business management, led Consulting and IT firms as Director and CEO of these organisations. She extensively worked as communication and business development consultant, devising strategies that drive growth. As an entrepreneur she had headed startups in her long career.

She strongly believes that we should derive a sense of meaning and purpose from what we do, And our work should contribute to a larger cause – this, Sameena realised was her Calling… driving her to work passionately towards transforming workplaces, where employees thrive and be Happy at work.

Akash Agarwal

Chief Technology Officer

Akash is heading our technology, innovation and architecture. He is competent in the core frameworks and adept in developing solutions to drive business growth. He has a Proven track record of designing, developing and implementing enterprise-class, scalable solutions.

He has a tendency to thrive in dynamic and fluid environment while remaining pragmatic and focused. When he isn’t busy growth hacking at Ethika he likes Cooking.

Jaswanth Narayana

Financial Advisor

Jaswanth is a senior finance professional with 8+ years of experience in Finance, Accounts, Corporate & Taxation ( FACTS). With his experience in Various industries and various levels of organizations, Jaswanth truly brings an exposure and financials expertise across various cultures to the table.