Author: Shivani Agarwal

Work from home policies

Work from home policies : What the new normal looks like?

In the wake of Corona, oh wait, my 3-year-old daughter just got up from her nap. BRB Yes, so I was saying since the world hit a snooze button, oh damn just realized it’s time for my Zoom call. BRB  Phew, finally, so I was saying, umm you know what let’s schedule this task at […]

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A Guide To Women’s Mental and Physical Health

A Guide To Women’s Mental and Physical Health

Here we are celebrating International Women’s Day this year. You will see T.V commercials around it, brands offering women’s day sale, restaurants pouring out love and giving you 50% off on your dining in bills, male counterparts will get advertisements on how to woo females this Women’s Day, right? I have no intention to dampen […]

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Happiness Enhances Employee Productivity

Happiness Enhances Employee Productivity, but how?

  Every organization understands the importance of keeping employees happy. They offer the best pay in the market, luxurious workplace, special arrangements for fun activities, Gym, various perks like life & health insurance, assistance in the car & home loans, etc.  This will, of course, add to the happiness of employees. But as per the Harvard […]

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Happiness at Workplace

Happiness at Workplace Makes Business Sense

All Human pursuits ultimately culminate in the pursuit of Happiness. This applies to every walk of life including Work Life. Hence it not surprising that every study has been revealing that people stick longer to workplaces where Employee Happiness is a cultural aspect. People also work Harder, Smarter and together when they are happy.  While […]

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